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Electric Power or V8 Power


V8. The name itself tells the whole story

90° cylinder angle, a perfect V, and an almost uniform distribution of mass forces are the recipe for one of the quietest-running and most powerful engines. V8. American design. Sensational development of force even at low revs. When you hear the familiar throb of the Boesch V8 engine you have at least two reasons to opt for this type of drive. 


ELECTRIC POWER: Our 'Zero Emission’ future

The hiss of the spray and the play of the water. The occasional cry of a gull. What else do you hear? Nothing at all. Welcome to Electric Power from Boesch. You hear nature and ride in your boat, riding Boesch with a force and ­dynamism that deserve the name of Boesch. Zero emissions, almost complete silence, more and more power. The future has only just begun.