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Boesch 620 Bimini De Luxe Century Edition
The smallest yet comfortable

A lightweight with a lot of power

The Boesch 620 Bimini De Luxe Century Edition defines an extremely successful type of boat. Due to the Boesch Laminate Technology, it has a low weight. However, the standard version features a powerful V-8 gasoline engine of 320 HP. Therefore, the Boesch 620 Bimini De Luxe Century Edition is extremely agile and fast. This is the reason why it is very popular among the water skiers all over the world. Thanks to the Boesch Horizon Gliding principle, the boat already starts to plane at low velocities and has then an almost perfect stern wave.

Integrated Bimini-Top as a new standard for the Boesch 620 Bimini De Luxe Century Edition

Instead of the rain protecting Cabrio, as installed on the Boesch 620 Cabrio De Luxe, the Boesch Bimini sun protection, mostly stowed on deck on other boats, is following the well-tried Boesch Cabrio principle, stowed under the bridge-deck of the Boesch 620 Bimini De Luxe Century Edition in a very effective, elegant and simple way. Thanks to the sturdy construction, the Boesch Bimini protects you and all passengers even on top speed.

Boesch 620 Bimini De Luxe Century Edition Electric Power

Even with the electric-power engines, the Boesch 620 Bimini De Luxe Century Edition has enough power to tow a water skier. The Boesch Electric Power fleet is equipped with a propulsion of 50 kW. However it is possible to install electric motors with 80 kW or 100 kW propulsion power. The energy content of the batteries is either 62.6 kWh or 75.2 kWh.

Engine Choices Engine Choices Specifications Specifications Features Features Optional Accessories Optional Accessories Color Options Color Options
  • Standard Gas Engine
  • Ilmor MV-8 engine 5.7 l with catalyst technique, 239 kW / 320 HP with ZF45A-Drive 1.26:1 reduction ratio; certified for CH + EU directive 2013 / 53. This engine is also compliant with the BSO2-standard for single engine.
  • Standard Electric Power Engine
  • Piktronik synchronous motor 50 kW, 216 V operating voltage, Lithium rechargeable batteries with 216 V and capacity of 165 Ah. Energy content 35.6 kWh. Range @ speed 40 km/h: approx. 26 km
  • Length (hull):6.20m
    Length overall:6.50m
    Beam (hull):2.15m
    Beam with rubber rubrails:2.20m
    Top speed:74km/h (40kn)
    Tank capacity:120l
  • Instrumentation
  • 1 Tachometer with separate digital display
  • 1 Oil pressure gauge with warning unit
  • 1 Voltmeter
  • 1 Cooling water temperature gauge
  • 1 Hour meter
  • 1 Fuel gauge
  • 1 VDO Sumlog HS speedometer
  • 1 Electric clock
  • Electrical
  • 1 12-V battery rated 100 Ah, with cover
  • 1 Rotating searchlight integrated in bow
  • 4 Navigation lights
  • 1 Portable lamp with cable
  • 1 Signal horn
  • 1 Explosion-proof engine compartment vent fan
  • 1 Dashboard power outlet, 12 V DC
  • 1 Electromagnetic fuel shutoff valve
  • 1 Ignition switch with start and park positions
  • 1 Illuminated compass
  • 1 Master circuit breaker
  • 1 Electric bilge pump
  • automatic fire-extinguishing system in motor compartment
  • Standard Accessories
  • 1 Combination paddle/boat hook
  • 1 Paddle
  • 1 Special anchor
  • 1 Anchor line, 20m
  • 2 Mooring lines
  • 2 Flotation cushions
  • 1 Fog horn
  • 1 Distress flag
  • 1 Flagstaff with Boesch pennant
  • 1 Aft flagstaff
  • 4 Fenders
  • 1 Fuel dip stick
  • 1 Engine manual
  • 1 Tool kit
  • 1 fire extinguisher 2kg
  • 1 Bow eye
  • 1 Large luxury wraparound windshield
  • Luxury upholstery and carpets
  • Chrome-plated bronze hardware
  • 1 Lockable glove compartment
  • Boat cover with supports and wire
    Transom swim platform cover
    All-weather storage and trailer transport cover
    Light boat cover for dry storage, with access flap
    Aft cockpit awning (walk-through)
    Boesch parasol (requires ski pylon)
    Drop-in teak cockpit floor
    PerfectPass cruise control
    VDO depth sounder
    Electric cigarette lighter
    Single-blade electric windshield wiper
    Standard exhaust silencer
    Lockable fuel tank
    Aft railing, installed
    Ski tow pylon, installed
    Boesch release, installed
    Wakeboard pylon adapter
    Wakeboard pylon
    Rear-view mirror
    Stereo radio Fusion 70 DAB with electric antenna installed, with 2 loudspeakers
    Refrigerator with dual battery package, installed
    Additional flotation cushions (with Boesch logo)
    Long fender
    Jumbo fender
    Chrome lettering
    Pad frame, basic version
    Transport cradle, seaworthy crate
    dark brown
    cherry light
    hazelnut dark
    hazelnut light
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