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Boesch tender boat


Boesch – the perfect tender

The unique and classic Boesch boats made of mahogany wood are the perfect tender solution for yachts. More space, more comfort, more fun, more stability – get more of everything for your tender with Boesch. Due to the Boesch laminate construction (BLT) the motorboats are the epitome of high performance and high class mahogany boats. Boesch stands for handcrafted extravagance and passion that fullfills boat dreams.


Elegance & design

Boesch boats are not only remarkably elegant, they are also the delightful outcome of a remarkable design approach and convenient for the coastal area. Boesch also defines the benchmark in terms of performance and comfort. The thrill of the Boesch horizon gliding experience is based on a combination of factors: the moderate V profile, the positioning of the engine in the center of gravity, and a direct drive train to the propeller. This produces perfect trim, in competitive situations and quiet cruising, too. Get the Boesch experience while boating along the coast, while having sporty joyrides or while waterskiing. You will feel how Boesch boats combine innovation and technology with years of experience and passion. With pleaseur we design your made-to-measure tender boat for your yacht. Find the suitable Boesch tender boat for your yacht and your boating passion in the category new boats or consult us!